With the help of our competent experts, SLACC can help you and guide you on how to manage structural changes, company’s crisis, reorganise the human resources department and invest in Training & education.

SLACC has developed a significant experience in administrative law. Our professionals offer support to both public and private companies and as well to joint-ventures between public bodies and private.



This division has been created to help Italian Companies & entrepreneurs to invest their money in China and for all the Chinese companies interested in investing in the Italian and European market. A network of both Italian and Chinese experts always available to help SLACC’s customers.

Thanks to SLACC exclusive collaboration with Synergy Key, a specialised partner in the Recovery Credit and Risk Management, we can assist you with innovative and personalised solutions.


Partners and associations

SLACC supports different trade associations and promotes their activities by helping them to realise different projects on our territory.
With the help of its experts and in partnership with Academy of Synergy Key, SLACC assists the best known associations in the delivery of trainings or by taking part in events, seminars and workshops.


Legal experts

Our Law Office is composed of professionals who have gained expertise in different areas of activity, both judicial and extra-judicial . We pay particular attention to the quality of the advice offered, developing specific and tailor-made solutions. A balanced ratio of partners and collaborators allows the firm to put in place an efficient working team, led by one or more partners.